Grand Alanya Hamam

Pamper Your Soul and Body in the Traditional Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath offers a unique relaxation and cleansing ritual with its thousands of years of historical and cultural heritage. As Grand Alanya Hamam, we offer you the unique experience of the traditional Turkish bath. Going on a pleasant trip in the hammam means refreshing not only your body, but also your soul.


The Basic Elements of Hamam
The basic elements of the Turkish bath are carefully designed to purify, relax and refresh the body.


Pouch: The pouch, which is the cornerstone of the hammam experience, revitalizes your skin by removing dead skin cells. Our specialist therapists allow you to refresh by gently massaging your skin with special gloves.


Hot Water and Cold Water: In a traditional bath, hot water relaxes November muscles and cleanses your skin, while cold water revitalizes and refreshes your skin.


Warm Environment: The warm environment of the bath helps to remove toxins from the body by making you sweat. This, in turn, contributes to both physical and mental relaxation.


Steam Room: The steam room, in addition to cleansing your skin, relaxes the airways and improves breathing.

Lounging Areas: The specially designed lounging areas of the bath allow you to relax your body and mind while relaxing. You can find your inner peace while taking a relaxing break.


Other Services After the Bath
There are a number of relaxing services waiting for you after the hamam experience:


Massage: It crowns your traditional Turkish bath experience with a massage and allows you to relax your muscles even more November. You can pamper your body with different types of massage.


Rest Areas: The rest areas after the hammam are ideal for you to relieve all your fatigue and capture your inner peace. You can relax with comfortable seating areas, calm ambience and light music.


Cooling off: Cold water pools or cooling areas are a great way to revitalize your body after a hammam. You may feel refreshed by the freshness of the cool water.

The Turkish bath experience is an experience that pampers not only your body, but also your mind and soul. As Grand Alanya Hamam, we offer you by combining the traditional bath ritual with modern comfort and luxury. We are waiting for you to pamper your body and soul with the basic elements of the bath and the relaxation services afterwards.