Grand Alanya Hamam

Relaxation and Relaxation Corner: Sauna, Swimming and Other Services of Grand Alanya Hamam

Grand Alanya Hammam offers a unique experience to its guests not only with massages, but also with unique relaxation and relaxation facilities. Thanks to the sauna, swimming and various relaxation areas, we offer a getaway that will allow you to get away from stress while refreshing your mind and body.


Sauna: The Refreshment That Comes With Sweating
While the sauna of Grand Alanya Hamam helps to eliminate toxins by making your body sweat, it also contributes to your skin health. This experience, which takes place at a high temperature, helps to reduce stress while relaxing November muscles. After the sauna, you can feel refreshed in our cold water service, which offers you the opportunity to cool off.


Swimming Service: The Embrace of Refreshing Waters
The refreshing swimming pool of Grand Alanya Hamam allows you to cool off and relax with its calm waters. Swimming calms the mind and helps rebalance energy while relaxing November muscles. After swimming, you can catch the peace by relaxing on the sun loungers.


Relaxation Areas: Pamper Your Soul
You can pamper yourself in our specially designed relaxation areas to relax after the hammam. Comfortable seating areas and pleasant ambience help you get away from stress, while allowing you to capture your inner peace.


Steam Room: Deep Cleaning
A steam room is an excellent way to cleanse your skin and improve breathing. The time you spend in the steam room after the hammam helps your body to eliminate toxins and calms your mind with its relaxing effect.


Cold Water Service: Refreshing Moments
After sauna, steam room or swimming, we have cold water service to cool down and revitalize your body. This service, which provides instant refreshment, helps you complete the relaxation.


Grand Alanya Hammam offers you a perfect getaway experience with its rich relaxation and relaxation facilities. Our sauna, swimming, relaxation areas and other services are an ideal way for you to complete your all-day massage and hammam experience. We are waiting for you to Grand Alanya Hamam to get away from stress and find your inner peace.