Grand Alanya Hamam

Grand Alanya Hamam: Pamper Your Soul and Body - Different Types of Massage

Grand Alanya Hammam is a place that combines the historical and traditional hammam experience with luxury and comfort. It offers various types of massages that offer relaxation and freshness to its guests. Here are the massage options offered at Grand Alanya Hamam:


1. Full Body Massage: Relax Your Body From the Beginning to the Last Point
Full Body Massage is an ideal option to reduce stress, relax November muscles and rebalance the body. Our professional massage therapists provide the relaxation your body needs with their expert hands.


2. Aroma Therapy Massage: Reach Peace with the Magic Touch of Fragrances
Aroma Therapy Massage is a type of massage in which carefully selected essential oils are used. While relaxing your mind with the relaxing effect of fragrances, it revitalizes your body.


3. Medical Massage: Support Your Health in Expert Hands
Medical Massage is a type of massage that is applied to help treat certain health problems. Our experienced therapists provide services with treatment plans that are suitable for your needs.


4. Hot Stone Massage: The Refreshment That Comes from the Touch of Heated Stones
Hot Stone Massage is a method of deeply relaxing the body by massaging with heated stones. It helps to balance the flow of energy, while resolving November muscle tension.


5. Sultan Massage: Feel Like a Sultan
Sultan Massage offers a luxurious and exclusive massage experience. While pampering your body with special techniques and careful touches, it allows you to leave all the stress behind.


6. Lymph Drainage Massage: A Journey of Detoxification
Lymph Drainage Massage helps to remove toxins and edema from the body. It provides lightness and relaxation by supporting the work of the lymphatic system.


7. Bali Massage: Feel the Touch of Exotic Islands
Bali Massage carries the essence of Indonesia’s islands full of beauty and tranquility. It relaxes November muscles with flexible movements and deep pressure, calms the mind.


8. Thai Massage: Decouple Flexibility and Energy Together
Thai Massage includes yoga-like techniques to relieve tension and increase flexibility. Our therapists act with expertise to balance the flow of energy in your body.


9. Shiatsu Massage: Find Harmony with Pressure Points
Shiatsu Massage aims to regulate the flow of energy by pressure with the fingers and palm. It allows you to balance your body and find inner peace.

As Grand Alanya Hamam, we are proud to offer solutions suitable for the needs of each of our guests with different types of massage. We are ready to pamper your soul and body with special massage experiences for you.


Remember, each type of massage has different effects, and our therapists provide the most appropriate treatment, taking into account your needs. You can experience this unique experience by coming to Grand Alanya Hammam.